Our Story/Mission

Greetings from Kenya! We are the King’s family (Samuel, Ann, and little Gadiella). We IMG_1565542306434-removebg-previewserve the Lord in Kitale Kenya

“The truth is that none of us got where we are on our own. Someone helped us, Someone corrected us, Someone encouraged us, Someone taught us, Someone trained us, Someone connected us, Some taught us what we know today, prayed for us and risked for us.
Someone believed us and took a chance to give us the position we have today.We may never have met those that were instrumental in shaping us to be where we are today, but they did all they could for us. They could be friends. neighbors, donors or well-wishers and many others.
Why don’t we then go out there and help someone else change how they are and who they are. Keep giving away what God gives you and it will always keep coming back to you!” A good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.
“Today you see us, you celebrate us but the truth is that someone helped us to be where we are today… Someone took time to pray for us, took us to school, supported us financially, emotionally and spiritually. Because of love from people who transformed our lives, encouraged us when we were in pain and stressed, the same Love we want YOU to experience.” Samuel & Ann King

We are believing and trusting God to start raising up indigenous missionaries through a very intensive two year ministry training by starting a BTCP Center in our village. This training includes pastoral ministry, in depth bible study, evangelism, and apologetics. In addition to spiritual training and discipleship, we  intend to teach our students skills in small scale farming/starting a small business  so that they will be able to support themselves once the ministry training is done. The goal of our School of ministry is to equip and send ministers and missionaries into the remote, impoverished villages of Africa.

​Once the students are through with classes they will  begin ministering to remote communities through evangelism, Bible studies, prison ministry, children’s ministry, and adult literacy trainings  (so that believers can learn how to read the Bible).

As we are trusting God, we are doing children ministry, youth ministry and the elderly by visiting them and buying them something small. We collect clothes from family and friends and share with these families. We are also doing jiggers campaign and rescuing the affected families from this campaign.

We do not receive any financial compensation for our efforts from large organizations, but rather rely on small monthly donations coming from individual donors and small churches. God continues to provide our ministry needs through the generosity of individual donors and small churches.

You can follow us by visiting  www.drivenlove.org sending us your email at samuel.ann.king@gmail.com, or befriending us on Facebook: (Samuel King Ann). We are always open to receiving visitors, especially those interested in becoming long-term missionaries who are in need of training.

You can support our work by making a tax-deductible donation with the PayPal mail @  samuel.ann.king@gmail.com or M-pesa numbers: 0710659963/0700669057.  

Love Driven Missions Church
A mission sending Church

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