Being a Kingdom Financier

 Today, in order to move His purpose forward, God wants to raise a Kingdom Financier for Himself. We’ll be looking at the essence of money and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to giving. Our reference scripture is I Kings 17:8 – 16.

Everyone born of God is part of His Kingdom, His Church, His people, and so He counts on you to run or operate His established system. He has set us in place for a purpose, majorly to propagate and extend His Kingdom in this world. Now, God is looking for a Kingdom financier—just one person—who will help administer God’s monetary resources to move His plan into execution.

Every local church is a unit of the Body of Christ where He raises people to fulfill His purposes on earth, and all the members thereof are the stewards of His business (Discipleship, Evangelism, etc.). If the church will ever be able to run effectively towards fulfilling the will of God, we must be READY and WILLING to utilize our resources for the Lord, be it time, talents, gifts, possessions, and money.

What is the Essence of Money?
Consciously or unconsciously, many of us have settled for poverty and so, we are less relevant to issues bothering on money. The reason why the Gospel suffers or moves slowly round the world is because we have limited cash flow within the Church. And most churches where riches abound, have lost sight of what “Church” is all about. Yes, we need Cathedrals, but we must do Church Planting and other important things too. In all these, every child of God should not be left behind. Whenever your church solicits fund raising for building projects, youth camp, conference, mission outreach or crusade, etc., participate with the whole of your heart. The money you earn is not meant for you alone; besides your tithes, God has a share He wants you to commit to His business.

Being a Kingdom Financier

You don’t need to become one; you are one already. There is a dimension of grace in you to get wealth and riches and then be able to do good with it. Jesus has made it possible. Please read 2 Cor. 8:9 and Luke 8:3. Therefore, giving alms, helping others financially and giving to God’s work is a ministry of every child of God.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid

I would say, giving requires determination and if you want to develop that heart, you need to keep off the following.

1) Ignorance of who you are. As said earlier, you already have the power to create wealth and make money so you can give back to God (2 Cor. 9:8). Don’t say, ‘Our Pastor is asking us to donate money for our next retreat when there is no money in town.’ Believe the best about yourself and work on it.

2) Ownership syndrome. You’re a steward, a custodian of whatever you have—the real owner is God. Giving back a reasonable percentage of your riches should not be a problem. Read the story of the rich man in Luke 12:16 – 21. The rich man did not allow his riches to flow out to humanity and Temple needs…he was overtaken by the thought, “It’s MY MONEY,” leaving out God who needed just some of it for His purpose.

3) Fear of the unknown. We remember our word’s school fees, the almost due rents, etc. and we tend to shrink back from doing the required divine task. Consider the widow. One of the best times to prove your love/faith is in scarcity/economic recession. Fear keeps some people from giving to their relatives, acquaintances, and church but they are philanthropists elsewhere.

4) Favor syndrome. When you give to someone or church, you’re doing yourself favor. “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Most of us often think we are doing someone favor when we help them. No, you’re doing yourself a favor. If you know this, you will be ready to give when opportunities come.

Give-and-take, cash-for-cash syndrome. God may not always give you money in return. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t receive money for money. Just be faithful. God rewards in different ways—peace, protection, special favor for your children and unborn generation, and lots more.

References: Haggai 1:2 – 11 tells you why you should not be stingy with God and humanity; I Timothy 6:17 – 19 tells you why you must be a Kingdom Financier (the rich being referred to in that scripture are those in 2 Cor. 9:8 – 10).

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11 thoughts on “Financiers

  1. God is looking for a Kingdom financier—just one person—who will help administer God’s monetary resources to move His plan into execution. Amen this is very true Sam and how I wish that all of us understand this truth.


  2. Just be faithful… God is not in a hurry… Use our riches to glorify God by being kingdom financiers. This post is inspiring and worth sharing.


  3. We are a kingdom financier in financing ministry work of the kingdom… using what we have to partner with men and women of God in supporting the kingdom business of spreading the word of God.


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