Blame Shifting

Someone once told me that Blame Shifting is a way to escape taking responsibility for an act or even discussing it.

Most of us including me, we like shifting blames to friends and church leaders in order to be in agreement with them which has the effect of isolating the victim and preventing the victim from getting help and this has affected the body of Christ. In the Bible Adam and Eve tried to shift blame in Genesis 3:12-13, “The man said, ‘The woman that you put here – she gave me some fruit from the tree. So I ate it.’

The *Lord God asked the woman, ‘What have you done?’ The woman replied, ‘The snake told me that I would not die if I ate the fruit. So I ate the fruit.’”
In verse 12 The man is saying that the woman was wrong to give him the fruit to eat. And he is saying that God was wrong to put the woman in the garden. And in verse 13 we see The woman is saying that the snake told her something that was not true. So, she is saying that the snake was wrong. But the woman was wrong to believe the snake instead of God.

As if that is not enough man has gone an extend of trying to blame God, In Proverbs 19:3 the Bible says Some people do silly things and so they destroy themselves. Then they get angry with the *Lord. Now look at this, we do all sorts of silly things, like abusing drugs, sexual immorality, gossip, slander, causing divisions among other people and accusing others falsely to gain favor. Yet we end up destroying ourselves, then we get angry with God and we start missing church, abusing men and women of God talking evil about the church and other believers.

In Conclusion I would like to tell you for free Do not be quick to judge others while you fail to acknowledge your own sin. In the book of Matthew 7:1-5 the Word of God says, as Jesus was still speaking to the people. ‘Do not say to anybody, “You are a bad person.” Then God will not say to you, “You are a bad person.”

God will speak to you in the same way that you speak to other people. He will use the same rules for you as you use for other people.

Do not look at the small piece of wood dirt that is in your brother’s eye. You should first see the big piece of wood that is in your own eye.

You should not say to your brother, “Please let me take the small piece of wood dirt out of your eye.” But you yourself have not seen the big piece of wood that is in your own eye.

You think that you are better than your brother. But you are not. First, you must take the big piece of wood out of your own eye. Then your eyes will be clear and you will see well. After that, you can take the small piece of wood dirt out of your brother’s eye.’

Here Jesus is telling us to make our own mistakes right. After that, we can tell our friends about their mistakes. Jesus uses the word brother. This includes our friends.

Dear servant of God, Be careful with people who shift blames to others. Blame Shifting is destroying relationships, marriages, family and the church. JUDGE RIGHT!!!
#NoCompromiseChristian #BackToPentecostAtAnyCost #LovingKnowingLivingJesusChrist

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