Watch out

Those Christians who are lazy, who wait for the Pastor or the leader of the service to read for them scriptures are mostly led astray by false teachings and man made revelations. If you are a Christian brother or sister and you don’t study the scriptures on yourself, the devil will fascinate you then assassinate you… my friend you better watch out.

 ‘Watch out for *prophets who tell you wrong things about God. These people seem to be like sheep that are not dangerous. But they are really like hungry wild dogs. What they teach will hurt you.

 You will know these people by what they do. People do not pick good fruit from weeds. And they do not pick fruit to eat from wild plants.’ 

 ‘Good fruit grows on a tree that is good. Bad fruit grows on a tree that is not good.

 A good tree cannot make bad fruit. A bad tree cannot make good fruit.

The farmer will cut down any tree that does not make good fruit. He will burn that tree on a fire.

So you will know if a person is good or bad. Look at what they do. And look at what they say. A good person does good things. And a bad person does bad things

5 thoughts on “Watch out

  1. Laziness in the modern day Christianity is destroying the body of Christ and we need men and women who will take their most precious time to study the scriptures prayerfully and bring back the Berean church.


  2. It is true that modern Christians do not like reading the scriptures by themselves, they are so busy with day to day activities and end up not studying the Word. when it reaches Sunday or the day of Worship they wait for a pastor or layleader to read and interpret to them what the Bible says, through this most people have been messed up with a wrong doctrine.
    May GOD help the modern set of Christians.


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